Who we are

Il Mercante di Stampe was born from the innovative idea of framing books, printing famous literary works in high definition to create new decorative elements for the household, the office or even as the perfect present for a special person.

These complete reproductions of classic books for adults and children can feature more than 5.000 high definition words in a single canvas and are the true strength of Il Mercante di Stampe.

Il Mercante di Stampe also offers reproductions of art works, ancient geographic maps and art prints selected with mastery and expertise for the purpose of delighting the viewer’s gaze.

All our prints are made with high definition ink-jet technical machinery in our facilities in Milan, ensuring a 100% Made in Italy product, bright colours, crisp details and good resistance against light and wear.

You can even view our prints in exclusive, in Viale Montenero 65 in Milan, in the Bugie di Cera store.

Il Mercante di Stampe, framed books that decorate FRAMED BOOKS THAT DECORATE

Comments from our clients

“I gave the print of the Italian Constitution to my lawyer and it now triumphantly decorates his studio. I am truly satisfied."

Massimo (Pavia)

“Yesterday I received the print of The Little Prince to celebrate the birth of my little Marco. A truly unique and heartfelt present”.

Lucia (Modena)

“Thanks to Il Mercante di Stampe we hung the entire The Betrothed on the walls of our classroom, and it suddenly became much easier to study it!!!”

Luca (Milan)

“To celebrate my graduation in Medicine, my stepmother gave me the “Hippocratic Oath”. I can’t wait to have my own studio, so I can remember the many hours I spent studying every day.”

Federica (Palermo)